A dance piece in cooperation with Minority Studies from Åbo Akademi.

Part of the project Avtryck I der Okända- Forcing the Impossible.

Opening night 26.5 next performances 28,29,30.5 at 19.00 and 2 & 4.6 at 19.00

Most performances sold out, check availability here:

Limited seats due to corona restrictions!


Concept Marjan Raar

Choreography The working Group

On stage Robert Stowe, Evgeny Kostyukov, Bror Österlund, Marjan Raar

Lights Jukka Haataja

Music Bikkie Skeef

Paintings Baukje Spaltro.

Teaser by Miikkael Kukkula

Into the Cloud
A new choreography which is planned to be performed in November and December 2020.

Into the Cloud
( a choreography dealing with algorithms ,some artificial intelligence and viruses.)

In this choreography we see two dancers trapped in a matrix created for them. There is no way in, neither out. The matrix winds and hangs somewhere between real life and the great black universe. Reality begins to be unreal, algorithms ate taking over, viruses are implanted, while the matrix’s black and green colors are hypnotising.

She is ready to question life. He questions life.
Are they real or not? Are they living algorithms?

What happens when algorithms transform the body into self-learning machines? What happens when a virus is implanted in a weak link of their algorithms?
Are they looping into eternity and finally crash?
A choreography in which we want to explore the possibilities of implementing today’s science and development into a dancer’s body.

A project in which we want to work with the strength of humanity and our ability to adapt to technology and automation without losing our key goal; love for life.

Dance artist Marjan Raar did a research on algorithms and artificial intelligence and dived into the digital world of algorithms, flow charts, heuristics and viruses, and looked for a way to implement her material and information in dance. She was able to do this thanks to a six-month artistic scholarship from TAIKE.
The first result of her research is Into the Cloud, a choreography for two human beings

Dance: Anna Jolma & Evgeny Kostyukov

Choreography Marjan Raar

Sound and music Bikkie Skeef

Lights Antton Kainulainen

With thanks to:
PHD student/researcher Sebastian Österlund at VU Amsterdam
Professor Jerker Björkqvist at Åbo Akademi


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